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Bald's Tracking And Tracing System

Bald's Tracking And Tracing System

As a Bald Logistics customer you can make free use of the tracking and tracing system simply by clicking the "Login for customers" button on our website. This allows you to keep full control of your shipments. It is now also possible to view photos of the loaded product and the entire load within five minutes of loading.

 How it works
The planning department automatically sends orders through to the Bald Logistics app. Logged-in drivers can use an app to receive trip data such as loading location, loading time, product, etc. At the end of each trip, the driver adds further necessary information such as weight, trailer number, a scan of the waybills and weighing slip.

These data are automatically entered into the customer's log-in portal, so that they can have all the necessary information at any time.  The loading location will also automatically receive a text message as soon as the truck is near the loading address.  Of course, you can also track the truck carrying your products on a digital map of Europe.  

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