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  • Experienced in transport

Experienced in transport

Cees Butter, Marc Nijdam, and Marc Benning, the former managing board of leading agricultural transport company Butter Group, are old acquaintances in the world of transport. In 2018, they decided to once again join their forces and establish Bald Logistics. Full of good spirits they started a quickly growing and already successful company in the transport of loose bulk agricultural products. This, with the sole purpose of making Bald Logistics just as successful and of high quality as Butter Group; something in which they succeeded!

Bald Logistics focuses on cleaner, safer, and lighter means of transport, mainly using the so-called “belt trailers” in order to transport your product as safely and efficiently as possible. These light-weight, insulated trailers are suitable for transporting bulk agricultural products such as potatoes, onions, cereals, carrots, but also apples, coffee beans and cocoa beans.

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