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As a future-focused organisation, Bald Logistics is increasingly concerned with sustainability. Because of this, Bald Logistics has started a collaboration with Sobańscy, a Polish transport company, very progressively active in the field of sustainability. Because of an immediate mutual connection and a shared passion for both transport and our planet, we have established a joint venture in Germany. A further deepening of this collaboration is at hand. Together with Sobańscy, Bald Logistics will make its fleet as well as its operations more sustainable. Because of this, Bald Logistics is already using 25 (bio-)LNG trucks and will continue to achieve more sustainability through the use of electric trucks, route and loade optimisation, and the education of drivers in the field of Ecodriving.

Are you interested in the possibilities concerning the extent to which we can reduce your CO2 emission, please do not hesitate to contact us!